Welcome to Planes & Sails!

If you’ve alighted here, it’s probably because we share the same passion for flying and sailing. It’s not uncommon for pilots to love the sea or for seamen to love the sky. The common denominator is the proven sense of freedom and adventure that both habitats evoke. That is probably why man took to sea in the very beginning and, as soon as he knew how, to flying.  Air pressure is what it’s all about as we all well know, fly or sail we need it! It is of vital importance to both, providing “wing lift” for planes and momentum to a sailing boat. Without air pressure we’re “grounded.”

Skipping Daniel Bernoulli’s proven, 17th century theories on aerodynamic fluids and “angles of attack” that every pilot, co-pilot or mariner probably knows of, another interesting characteristic shared by flyers and seamen alike is the tendency to escape from everyday routine, especially on weekends, to go and look after their “toys.”  After all, if we didn’t enjoy rushing off to work hard on keeping Her, or the "Bird," ship-shape, we would hardly be proud of the effort spent.  A shabby ship is simply not rewarding right?

It is precisely because we ARE proud of our “toys” as well as of our “wings” or of our Helmsman’s certificate that we came up with the “Proud to FLY” and “Proud to Sail” collection presented to you exclusively right here on Planes & Sails!

Planes & Sails, you see, was conceived by a sailor who first crossed the Med aged 16 and decades later earned his “wings”. Consequently, our habits, tastes and community’s best practices are in my DNA.  So hear this, thanks to a user-friendly App, pilots’ clothing or sailing gear for boating enthusiasts may now be customized by you, on the spot, on placing your order!

You can write in your name and markings under the design of your own plane or indeed your boat’s name next to the design of your motor yacht, schooner, Ketch, or sloop on both Crewnecks or Polo shirts, on Tees for the whole crew, or better still, for your friends and co-pilots irrespective of whether they are huge, large, medium, small or just toddlers.

Quality - pilots and sailors, usually safety driven, tend to be sticklers for detail and quality, so the collection you are about to experience simply must live up to your expectations. Take it from somebody who in the late 80s worked for a company invested with the Malcolm Baldrige Quality Award (MBQ) and therefore knows what quality is about. 😊  

Happy landings, or as the case may be “fair wind” to all, be PROUD,

Michael E. L. Hall